Steven L Jones - Artist

... colorfully captivating and full of meaning ... a delicate balance between innocence and lurking danger.

Rick Kogan
Author and journalist (Chicago Tribune)

... intriguing and powerful content as well as formal strength. Jones' work invites repeated viewings — something lacking in most contemporary art, where you absorb the work instantaneously ... I can’t think of something critical to say about it (Jones’ 'Learn the Darkness'); it’s an entirely successful work.

Peter Schjeldahl
Art critic (New Yorker, New York Times, Village Voice) and curator

... a poignant examination of childhood life in suburbia ... vignettes that are in turn whimsical and harrowing ... youthful shocks that prefigure adult upheavals, and moments of solitude shading into loneliness and fierce alienation.

Gregory Volk
Art critic (Art in America) and curator

My work uses a highly stylized visual language to dramatize the disconnect that occurs when a child is forced to confront adult themes like loss, illness, and sexuality — or when an adult confronts the same themes and looks to childhood for an imaginative language rich enough to describe such difficult emotional terrain.

Steven L. Jones