Brown, yellow, and gray diptych painting of elderly rural people posing with victrola and falling off a wagon by Steven L Jones
Cornucopia (Victrola and Wagon)
2 panels; acrylic ink on dyed paper with wood frames
33.25" x 21.5" / 24" x 20.25"

Rural Ghosts (series in progress)...

The theme is life and death in 19th and early 20th century rural America, filtered through the lens of my own dreamscape aesthetic. Images are derived from true events (or conjecture based on true events) discovered through genealogical research, but are juxtaposed with each other semi-arbitrarily. Each is drawn from archives I've labeled "Eros," "Thanatos," and "Hypnos." The palette is derived from the colors of antique photographs.

(Documentation: Tom Van Eynde)