5-panel blue, yellow, and brown painting of two boys descending cottage roofs under night sky towards lake water while underground monster sleeps by Steven L Jones
Brothers (Blue Moon Chocolate Graham Cracker)
Acrylic ink on dyed paper with wood frames
10.75" x 17" / 17" x 15.25" / 25" x 15.5" / 27" x 11.75" / 33.5" x 21.5"

My heart of silk
is filled with lights,
with lost bells,
with lilies and bees.
I will go very far,
farther than those hills,
farther than the seas,
close to the stars,
to beg Christ the Lord
to give back the soul I had
of old, when I was a child,
ripened with legends,
with a feathered cap
and a wooden sword.

-- Lorca

(Documentation: Tom Van Eynde)