Blue, gray, and white 5-panel painting of frightened boys in car, frozen dogs in suburban neighborhood at night during winter, Christmas lights and snow, and boys indoors where one falls and shatters like ice by Steven L Jones
Winter Was Hard
Acrylic ink on dyed paper with wooden frames
19.5" x 22.5" / 23.5" x 28.5" / 34.5" x 25.5" / 25.5" x 25.5" / 19.5" x 19.5"

There wasn't much for the ducks.
Mother turned the breadbin upside down.
The ducks quacked and seemed dissatisfied.
The water was black and it soon froze.

Winter was hard, winter was hard.
Even money was frozen in the bank.
Saturday evening could only be celebrated
every other Saturday.

Winter Was Hard
- Aulis Sallinen (original text by Bo Carpelan)